Aphrodite & Beauty



I’ve been doing some interesting study on this particular asteroid, and one place it led me to is beauty. To some beauty is subjunctive, to others is in the eye of beholder, however, I truly disagree, we all agree on what’s beautiful and what’s not.

Nevertheless, when I did my research on Aphrodite, repetitive Aphrodite conjunct sun, or ascendant these seemed to be the highlight of beauty. Which I agree, Monica Belluica comes to mind, Fu’ad aït Aattou, Sophie Loren, and one has too admit that they’re very attractive individuals.

However what about other aspects to Aphrodite?

Aphrodite asteroid 1388, expresses it’s beauty in multitudes; Such as Pluto conjunct Aphrodite, I would think give a raw sexuality, similar to Lilith conjunct ascendant, but much more subtle. Of course, it depends what house and sign Aphrodite and Pluto resigns in and the house ruler: Example Angelia Jolie, the famous dark vixen ( I think she’s so beautiful, FYI) Her Pluto and and Aphrodite is in the Libra, which tones it down a bit, since Libra is connected to Venus, Aphrodite is in it’s natural sign, however, with Pluto and Aphrodite in the 3rd house would make her appearance  much more vocal, even if Ms. Jolie doesn’t want it too be.

Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid  is a similar case with Aphrodite conjunct Lilith. Which, I believe to be similar to Pluto conjunct Aphrodite. However, I don’t know her birth time, so house placements are out.

horst-p-horst-isabella-rosseliniSo how would Venus conjunct Aphrodite work? This aspect I’m unsure about. And, I’m probably bias when I dissect this aspect. As, I have Venus conjunct Aphrodite. However, Isabella Rossellini also share this aspect. Isabella is a a rare case in modeling world. She didn’t get her big break until the age of 28. I’ll admit, I didn’t come into my own beauty until around 26. She has Aphrodite and Venus in the 7th house, 7th house also means open enemies. This clearly was the catalyst behind Lancome dropping her after 14 years; due to her declining beauty. Isabella Rossellini has Aphrodite and Venus in Gemini giving her a peculiar masculine look, with the help of 7th house toning it down, which I believe gave her a androgynous look.

Whitneya-whitney-houston-retrospective-15 Houston also holds Venus conjunct Aphrodite. Unlike, Rossellini, her fame came pretty quick and she rose based on her talents, and soft looks. He larger than life personality, hair, style complimented her Venus and Aphrodite in Leo. However, her glamour status became work for her or unhealthy for her, with both signs in 6th house.  After parting way with Clive Davis, you see her physical beauty wasn’t part of the act anymore, only raw talent.


Dorothy Dandridge, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I was beyond curious to see exactly where Aphrodite lies in her chart. Her Venus Conjunct IC in Libra. dandridgeHer potential was seen by her family members at a young age. I believe with Aphrodite in 4th house connection to cancer soften her facial features even more. She’s known for her baby face, and delicate feminine persona.

And, to her intimate circles she was known to be superficial. with Aphrodite in the 4th house may have shown the bad, and the good of Aphrodite personality: unlike Angelina Jolie it would be seen by everyone making her so unpopular.

Once again we see Aphrodite in its natural houses 7th house, 2nd house,  or in Libra, and Taurus. Which would give a natural beauty to individuals.  Although, Aphrodite will be very generous in any feminine signs such as Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces.

If Aphrodite presence is strong in your chart it brings about beauty, and sense of style and elegance. That you’ll own, and no one else. Not saying this aspects births the most beautiful women. Yet, these women stand out, and their feminine qualities is quite noticeable.  Which makes them the most beautiful.

Tell me what you think. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Aphrodite & Beauty

  1. I have Aphrodite conjunct my MC by 1 degree. Does this mean personal beauty seen by everyone? Or that I will be in a career/life path involved with beauty? Or both?


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for reading my lovely blog. I do believe that Aphrodite conjunct MC can led to a career of beauty. Scarlett Johansson has this aspect. Her Aphrodite also trines venus and jupiter. But, also squares chiron and uranus. She famous for being beautiful, but I believe she’s not the top of the echelon, she known but always semi-ignored for her beauty as well. It’s as she has to play down her beauty.

      So, Aphrodite can be very generous. Nevertheless, it can bring upon a lot of problems just as well. It’s Venus times’s two.


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